【Fishing gear innovation workshop】

【Fishing gear innovation workshop】

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❶ Market research and demand analysis

💼Understand market demand and ensure products meet customer expectations👑

❷ Product design and development

🎨Design products that meet market and customer requirements🌈

❸ Material Procurement and Supply Chain Management

💪Ensure production material quality and on-time supply🚀

❹ Sample production and confirmation

🎉Ensure problems are discovered and resolved before formal production✨

❺ Mass production

🔬Efficient production to ensure product quality💎

❻ Quality inspection and control

👀Ensure products meet customer and standards requirements🔑

❼ Packaging and Logistics

🔍Deliver products to customers safely and promptly🎉

❽ After-sales service and support

📈Ensure products meet customer expectations👋

❾ Warranty capability

🔍Improve customer satisfaction and establish long-term cooperation🎉

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